There is a wealth of evidence to support the assertion that looking after your employees’ health delivers dividends on many fronts.

Research shows that benefits play an important role when making a decision to work for a company and in forming ongoing perceptions of employer’s attitudes to employee wellbeing.


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Private medical insurance

Prompt attention, quality treatment and a speedy return to work make medical insurance a highly valued benefit for employee and…

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Cash plans

Do you want to show your staff how committed you are to their health and wellbeing – but are put…

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Travel insurance

If you send staff overseas either on short business trips or on longer secondments, you’ll know how important it is…

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Personal accident

If an employee is injured or killed in an accident, personal accident insurance pays a sum to the worker or…

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Employee assistance programmes

Problems faced at work or at home can affect an employee’s performance during the day or even result in stress-related…

Dental insurance

With the number of NHS dentists dropping and treatment costs on the rise, dental insurance can prove a very cost-effective…

Eye healthcare services

Did you know that nearly three quarters (74%)1 of UK adults currently either wear glasses or contact lenses, or have…