Cash flow modelling for health and risk benefits

Predicting the cashflow impact of health and risk benefits

Even in the world’s largest multinationals, cash – and the ability to predict future cashflow – is king.

Our specialist actuarial and financial modelling team provides support to clients across the UK, Africa, Europe and the Bahamas.  We help clients to understand the financial risks of benefit provision and what the longer term spend might look like through valuation, projection and alternative design modelling.

We can model long term PMI, life insurance and income protection benefit costs over periods of up to 50 years.  Results are illustrated with easy-to-understand charts and diagrams.

Most of our clients need accounting disclosures for post-retirement medical plans but we can also support in many other areas of data analysis and modelling which underpin propositions across healthcare and risk benefit consultancy.

By changing key parameters such as workforce demographics, we can predict what the impact on benefit cost might be over long term horizons.  We can also test the potential cost impact of different benefit plan design strategies over time.

This is crucial information for organisations looking to maximise budget clarity and future-proof themselves from unexpected premium inflation, and is especially pertinent to those looking to self-insure.

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