Mergers & acquisitions

Benefits planning for a merger or acquisition

A company merger or acquisition can present both challenges and opportunities, prove a catalyst for change and be a good time to rethink your benefits programme and wider benefits strategy.

Our team of specialist M&A experts support around 1,000 transactions each year across 120 countries worldwide.

We can advise on the key steps to managing employee benefits harmonisation in the wake of a merger or acquisition including how to:

  • Put effective planning in place to help identify the key employee integration and retention risks
  • Divest of non-core assets and establish benefits programmes that support a leaner and fitter business future
  • Mitigate possible employee dissatisfaction through strong two-way communications
  • Meet the legal requirements of the Takeover Panel
  • Look after employees in new global territories

From tax liability and contingent risk insurance, through change management and employee communications to executive compensation, we can advise at every stage of the M&A process:

  • Pre-deal: supporting you from both a human capital and risk management perspective.
  • Mid-deal: providing clear, focused and insightful support to ensure that your due diligence and implementation planning is effective.
  • Post-deal: helping you to calculate and demonstrate the operational and financial value of your M&A.

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