Health and wellbeing consultancy

Creating a culture of health in the workplace

The past decade has seen a sea of change in employee wellbeing as employers have firmly shifted their focus to more preventative measures to help reduce absence in the workplace.

For many, the drivers for change have been the need to address high absence rates, or increasing disability and medical costs, or the need to improve engagement and productivity. However, for many employers the objective is essentially to create a culture of health in the workplace and provide greater support and access to effective benefits so that employees can take steps towards improving their health.

Tried and tested best practice

We work with clients at various stages in the development of their wellbeing strategies, applying our tried and tested best practice model.



Our support could extend to:

  • Helping clients to understand actual and potential health risks, so that targeted interventions and initiatives can be implemented;
  • Conducting gap analyses of the existing wellbeing programmes and production of wellness scorecards to explore their effectiveness at ensuring participation and meeting programme objectives;
  • Helping relevant stakeholders, through a one off or series of workshops, to build strategic roadmaps encompassing objectives, responsibilities, delivery, governance and metrics;
  • Development and delivery of a new and ongoing wellbeing communication strategy;
  • Implementation of new end-to-end programmes;
  • Establishment of success metrics and processes; and
  • Sourcing specific product / service providers to underpin all components of the employee wellbeing programme (mental, physical and financial).

Strategy informed by market leading research

Our advice to clients is underpinned by our extensive and market leading intellectual property such as our Staying@work research.  This survey explores the wellness market globally, regionally and locally, focusing on the areas of importance for employers, the barriers they face and the approach to engagement, as well as measurement and programme delivery.

Our recommendations also draw upon our Global Benefits Attitude survey results which explore employee attitudes to wellness along with our Global Workforce Study, and benefit and wellness benchmarking data.

Unique access to wellness solutions

Our work with multinational organisations has helped us in developing a number of partnerships with market leading wellness providers. This enables Willis Towers Watson to provide clients with access to unique wellness solutions, irrespective of whether these are required for global roll-out or for local delivery.

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