Data analytics

Data analytics – maximising the value of your benefit spend

While healthcare and disability benefits can be delivered in isolation, we believe a more integrated approach to employee health management is much more effective in driving desired results.

The precursor to any preventative wellness programme is the understanding of actual and future health risks as identified through a number of data sources. We use health-related data to keep employees healthy, address the issues causing both absenteeism and presenteeism and provide the appropriate degree of support to those who are off work due to short or longer-term illness.

We can carry out an extensive analysis of the following data, with results presented in at-a-glance dashboards which highlight where action is needed:

  • Claims data
  • Absence data
  • Age demographics
  • Pay demographics
  • Occupational health and EAP data
  • Flexible benefit choices
  • Management information from wellness providers, including HRA and biometric screenings

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