Benefits Data Source

The Benefits Data Source (BDS) database

Now in its ninth year, the annually updated WTW Benefits Data Source holds records of 16,000 organisations from 122 countries.

The database provides reliable, relevant and timely data to determine the right benefit coverage across job levels for either a local UK workforce or one spanning several countries and continents.

In the UK, we have data from more than 1,000 companies across a broad range of industry sectors, including 200 high tech companies, 200 financial services and 300 manufacturers.

Unlike other services, it includes extensive and comprehensive information on a variety of employee benefits.

How do I access the data?

You can either purchase one of our industry-specific off-the-shelf reports or order a bespoke version with industry prevalence reports and custom peer group analysis (where there is sufficient participation).

How do I join the benchmarking database?

BDS is a rolling database, which means you can join at any time. We invite you to participate by simply completing our order form, which can be downloaded from

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