Benefits Benchmarking Insights

Find out how you compare with your peers…

The Benchmarking Insights team will help you to compare your employee benefits provision against your competitors and similar organisations in terms of size, industry sector and business type.

They will also provide commentary on any mandatory state provision, emerging trends and offer a consulting focus to employee benefits which looks at detailed scheme design and financing.

Tailored reports will also reference relevant findings and up-to-the-minute analysis from other research generated by WTW, including:

  • Benefits Trends survey: With an EMEA participant group of over 1,500 employers, this detailed piece of research outlines the key challenges employers face with their benefit programmes and highlights their top benefit priorities and the role of well-being.
  • Global Benefits Attitudes survey: The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey (GBAS) examines the role of benefits in defining and differentiating today’s employee value proposition. The survey explores the extent to which benefits individually and collectively shape employees’ actions; how closely they align with employees’ employment and lifestyle priorities; and their links to stress, absence, presenteeism and work engagement. The latest biennial edition of GBAS analyses more than 31,000 employee responses in 22 markets.
  • Global Medical Trends Survey: Now in its 11th year, this in-depth biennial report asks over 230 insurers across 79 countries for insights on medical costs. It reveals both what is driving them and the cost management techniques employers are using to manage them.

And what action you need to take…

We will then provide you with recommendations to tackle any areas where your benefits package may not be fit for purpose. Easy to understand heat maps colour code areas where there are areas of non compliance, discrepancies or opportunities to re-design.

Our consultants will also advise on the likely impact of market developments and legislative change to make sure your benefits provision is future proofed.

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