Absence consulting services

If you need to streamline your absence management programme, and particularly if your organisation is undergoing change and you haven’t fully defined your absence process yet, we can help.

Our highly experienced team of consultants are employed by some of the world’s largest and most complex organisations to simplify and streamline their approach to managing employee absence.

Working with multiple stakeholders often spread across several locations, we will review existing processes and provide guidance on how these can be improved and the employee absence journey simplified.

Our consultants work alongside your HR team, helping them to identify when they should notify an absence, who they should contact and which stakeholders to keep updated.   We will also work with the insurer of your group income protection scheme to create the most effective return to work plans.

By creating a more streamlined way of managing absence, and minimising the subsequent impact on insurance premium costs, we help employers to reap significant savings in the long-run.

What we offer:

  • Review of current absence processes and interaction with associated benefits
  • Recommendation of new absence related processes and procedures
  • Review relationships with absence related providers – including income protection and Occupational Health
  • Support employee communications regarding absence

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