Integrated wellbeing

Wellbeing is not an isolated program or initiative. Wellbeing is purpose-driven and woven into the fabric of an organisation’s values and the employee experience. It is inextricably linked to a myriad of policies, programmes and benefit offerings as well as to desired culture, productivity improvement, longer-term organisational talent retention and sustainability of business results.

Integrated wellbeing begins with individuals and, when achieved, extends throughout their organisations, families and the larger community. As a result, the ideal state of wellbeing — physically thriving, emotionally balanced, financially secure and socially connected — places the employee at the centre and is truly integrated across all four dimensions.

Below are some examples of the ways we can support you to achieve your organisational wellbeing objectives:

Strategy design and implementation – from facilitating workshops to allow HR teams time and space to really think about wellbeing means to them as an organisation, to supporting with bringing a vision and strategy to life, we can support you through every stage of your wellbeing journey as an organisation.

Wellbeing inventory – understanding what you have is the first step in ensuring health and wellbeing benefits are working smarter and harder for your business. We can help you to map your existing services and benefits to provide a detailed overview of your existing provisions. From this, we can help you to understand the services you have in place and to identify gaps and overlaps in your provisioning.

Condition management pathway design and implementation – our clinical and subject matter experts can support your organisation in designing and implementing specific condition management pathways to maximise the value you receive from your existing benefit spend and ensuring optimal outcomes for your employees.

Vendor assessment and selection – as the digital health market becomes increasingly crowded and complex (and insurance vendors include telehealth products within their own propositions), it’s never been more important to keep pace with developments and fully understand the services being provided to your employees. Using our market leading vendor profiling system, we can support you to assess and select suitable health and wellbeing vendors to meet their needs.

Trend analysis and wellbeing reporting – our dedicated data analytics team can help your organisation really get under the skin of your employee health and wellbeing, identifying condition hot spots, areas of potential high spend and key demographics. From health data dashboards to deep dive analysis of specific condition pathways, we can help you ensure you have the right insights to support and drive your strategy and inform your decision making.

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