Wellbeing Diagnostic Survey 2022: What are you doing to improve the wellbeing of your workforce?

Of the many consequences of the pandemic, one is the renewed focus on the health and wellbeing of our employees, both in and outside the workplace. Employees are anxious, not only in terms of their physical health but also their social connections, mental wellbeing and their financial security.

How ready are you to support the varied needs of your workforce not only amidst but also independent from the crisis? Are we as employers doing enough to engage and help employees to make the most out of their wellbeing? The 2022 Wellbeing Diagnostic Survey, can help answer these questions.

The 2022 Wellbeing Diagnostic survey aims to:

  • Identify any specific gaps in your health and wellbeing programs to better align with your workforce needs
  • Discover what roadblocks lie in the way of an effective and engaging wellbeing strategy for your organisation
  • Benchmark your wellbeing programs and priorities against your peers

By completing this survey, you’ll be eligible to receive an Employer Wellbeing Diagnostic for your organisation, which will measure the effectiveness of your wellbeing programs, and allow you to see how that score would move up and down depending on different programs and interventions.

See how you compare: Take the survey

Find out more about wellbeing: Read our guide

Get the highlights: Emotional wellbeing infographic

Get the highlights: Financial wellbeing infographic

Get the highlights: Physical wellbeing infographic

Get the highlights: Social wellbeing infographic

Looking for a 360º view of wellbeing?

Our Employee Diagnostic Wellbeing Tool can be combined with the employer survey for a 360º view of wellbeing and enable employers to design a holistic wellbeing programme that effectively addresses employees’ needs. Contact us to find out more.

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