HR Insights Spring 2018


HR Insights Spring 2018

April 1, 2018
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Welcome to the latest issue of HR Insights, a quarterly round-up of expert advice and top tips from Willis Towers Watson Health and Benefits.
Is employee fitness still a tough nut to crack?

Obesity and fitness may be prickly subjects to tackle but by taking a sensitive approach, employers can help their workforce crack old unhealthy habits in a supportive rather than intrusive way.

fitness crazes your employees will be
obsessed with in 2018.
Sweet chestnuts pack a healthy punch, with the ability to improve digestive health, strengthen bones and boost the immune system.
Help your employees give run-down the run-around

Employers can help drive down absenteeism from colds and flu by providing timely health advice, flu vaccinations and on-site check-ups.

employees can boost their immune system.
With an abundance of antibacterial and antiviral properties, elderberries and elderflowers are renowned for their flu fighting prowess.
Do you know how you compare with
your peer group?
It’s easy to confuse chervil with highly poisonous hemlock so comparing and contrasting is vital! Benchmarking your health and benefits offering against your competitors can provide vital insight.
benchmarking wellbeing programmes can help companies stay ahead.
It’s easy to confuse chervil with highly poisonous hemlock, so comparing and contrasting is vital.
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