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Benefits Trends

June 1, 2019

The Willis Towers Watson Benefits Trends survey is back, exploring employers’ benefits provision, priorities and challenges – and you are invited to offer your valued insights.

The survey takes just 20 minutes to complete and you will receive a bespoke scorecard, which benchmarks your responses to key questions against other businesses. You will also be provided with details of the survey’s key findings and an infographic summary.

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2017 Survey

The 2017 survey was conducted amongst more than 1,500 employers across Europe, the Middle East and Asia and gave invaluable insights into:

  • Key challenges employers face with their benefit programmes
  • Top benefit priorities and the growing role for well-being
  • How other employers are planning to improve their wellbeing programmes in next three years
  • Which non-traditional benefits and new technology are being introduced
  • Find out how you can make your health and wellbeing programme stand out.

View health and wellbeing benefits infographic

View benefit design and strategy infographic