Employee Advice Guide: Get out in the great outdoors

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Employee Advice Guide: Get out in the great outdoors

August 2, 2022

With 7,200 health and fitness clubs in the UK, and a 23 per cent membership among the UK population, the statistics certainly suggest we’re a nation of health enthusiasts.

Of those who hold memberships, only 12 per cent go regularly, resulting in more than £4 billion being wasted by would-be gymgoers annually.

However, when commitment wanes, fees don’t, and so we often regard ourselves as not only a disappointment, but also as unhealthy spendthrifts.

But there is a kinder, less pressurised and often more effective approach. It’s a free alternative that can produce the same outcomes as those enjoyed by the most dedicated attendees at the priciest of health clubs – spending time in the great outdoors.

Here we look at the many feel-good benefits, and the physical and mental health gains, that being outside can provide.

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