COVID-19 – Guidance for employees

Looking after your child’s mental health during COVID-19

The disruption caused by coronavirus can be having an impact on children’s mental health. Our guides share ideas on how to look after their wellbeing during the pandemic:

Children’s mental health guides

High risk groups

Central guidance from charities is being updated regularly to support COVID-19 education to those in high risk groups. Below, we’ve pulled together some of that guidance in a single place:



Lung condition

Older people




Wellbeing tips for working from home

There are a number of tactics, tools and resources available to ensure you maintain your wellbeing while working from home. Here are some tips from Willis Towers Watson to help you navigate your way through these difficult times:

Preventing stress and burnout while working from home

How to be physically, emotionally, socially and financially well during uncertain times

Maximising your quality of sleep

Nutrients that boost the immune system

Managing your financial health

The benefits of a 30-minute workout 

We also have some informative videos on how to incorporate ergonomics into your home set-up:

Working from home: chair

Working from home: keyboard and mouse

Working from home: monitor

If you  have any specific issues or discomfort, you can try out our expert tips on how to help your body cope with working from home:

Working from home self-help: back

Working from home self-help: hands, wrists and fingers

Working from home self-help: hips


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