How do we control your claims costs?

We deliver savings to our clients by organising care that is most suited to the patient, but which uses the most cost- effective combination of both NHS and private medical options.

We co-ordinate all your benefits to access care without inflating premiums. For example, an EAP service may include CBT treatment for a depressed employee rather than claiming on a medical insurance policy, or a cash plan can help to pay an excess on a PMI policy.

Critical or acute condition? The NHS has 24-hour observation and leading specialists in the field so is usually the best option but your PMI policy could be used to access much faster scans and therefore treatment.


We highlight the generous financial incentives (around £100 for each night spent in hospital) available to patients accepting NHS care under a private healthcare policy

We scrutinise treatment costs and challenge those we don’t think are fair.


We pre-negotiate costs with treatment providers and insurers to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

We control outpatient treatment costs – such as monitoring how effective physiotherapy sessions are proving.

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