Healthcare Concierge – a unique nurse-led claims management and employee health and advice service

What is Healthcare Concierge?

Healthcare Concierge is a unique claims management and employee health advice service where fully-qualified nurses support employees through their entire treatment journey, helping you save money and reduce absence.

Control claims costs

Feel like your employee healthcare claims and premiums are spiralling upwards? We organise care that is most suited to the patient but which uses the most cost-effective combination of both NHS and private medical options.

Reduce absence

We want to get your employees back to health. From negotiating with providers to liaising directly with clinicians, we can help get your staff healthy quicker.


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Best Use of Cash Benefit

£22,000 Saved

Healthcare Concierge nurse negotiates a 150% cash increase with insurer

Hospital costs challenged

30% Reduction

Healthcare Concierge specialists liaise with hospital regarding fees

Hospital services covered in full

£15,000 Saved

High dependency costs eliminated thanks to Healthcare Concierge

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