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Friday Factoids Summer 2018


Friday Factoids Summer 2018

June 14, 2018
  • Friday factoids fro HR professionals | Q2 2018 - what goes on in the workplace
  • dad's not the word, the number of stay at home dads has fallen for the first time in 4 years to 232,000
  • Lunch Date, workers only take 27 minutes of the 40 minutes they are allocated. Over the course of a career that's worth an average of £33,264
  • Liquid lunch, the average UK worker drinks six units of alcohol per week during their lunch breaks
  • Desk potato, half of workers have access to a gym close to their office, but only 8% regularly take advantage of it
  • Drive time, in England 1 in 7 commuters spend a stressful two hours or more each day travelling to and from work
  • You're hired, the average length of an interview process is 227.5 days in the UK
  • Full time part timer, 30% of part time workers put in sufficient hours to qualify as full time
  • Work parent balance, 2 in 5 parents say work prevents them from being able to say goodnight to their children

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