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Friday Factoids Spring 2018


Friday Factoids Spring 2018

January 14, 2018
  • Friday factoids, for HR professionals | Q1 2018 - what really goes on in the work place
  • Pet lovers, one in ten owners say they've swapped jobs to better accommodate their pet
  • Brief Lunch break, more than half of employee dont take their full lunch break
  • Winter chills, 34% of employees think the cold weather has an impact on their productivity
  • Fancy a cuppa, an average British worker spends almost 110 hours per year making tea and other hot drinks
  • relationships at work, 17% of employees say that they have a "work wife or husband" and 23% would consider leaving their job if their work spouse left
  • Self doubting millennials, a third of millennials suffer from "imposter syndrome" in the work place - a persistent fear of being found out or exposed as a fraud
  • Work over exercise, two thirds of employees skip exercise work outs due to staying late at work

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