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Friday Factoids Autumn 2018


Friday Factoids Autumn 2018

October 14, 2018
  • Friday Factoids, fast factoids for HR professionals | Q4 2018 - what really goes on in the workplace
  • Open and honest, honesty is the quality UK workers value most in bosses, followed by approachability
  • Wandering minds, the average UK employee wastes 12.5 hours a week on non work related tasks
  • When cupid strikes, one in five people meet their partner at work
  • Offices woes, over fifth of millennials have left a job due to a poorly designed office
  • Masses of meeting, an employee will sit through an average of 9,776 meeting during their working life
  • temperature tantrums, temperature is the number one cause of arguments in the workplace
  • wild weekends, weekends were invented in the 19th century when factory owners tried to stop Monday absences due to hangovers
  • solitary staff, 42% of employees don't have a single friends in the office

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