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Eyesight sources

250 people in the UK start to lose their sight every day

1 in 5 people will live with sight loss in their lifetime – 1 in 4 women, 1 in 8 men

By 2050, half the world’s population (5 billion) is expected to be short-sighted compared to 1.4 billion today

74% of UK adults currently either wear glasses or contact lenses, or have had laser surgery

£58 billion – The cost of vision and hearing loss to the UK economy each year

123 million – Work days lost across Europe each year due to eye-related absence

Eye conditions

600,000 – People a­ffected by age-related macular degeneration – the UK’s biggest cause of blindness. This is set to increase to 1.2 million in 2050

380,000 – UK adults with sight loss due to cataracts

145,000 – UK adults aff­ected by glaucoma

Preventative employee healthcare

On average, opticians are the first to identify:

  • High cholesterol 62% of the time
  • Diabetes 34% of the time
  • Hypertension 39% of the time

Eye tests

1 in 10 British adults have never had an eye examination

14 million – UK adults ignoring the NHS-recommended two-yearly tests

23% haven’t sought advice from an optician despite not being able to see as well as they used to

12% of UK adults haven’t had their eyes tested since childhood

Employee risk behind the wheel

£1000/6 penalty points – The fine drivers could face if caught without wearing their glasses or contact lenses when driving

One in four UK drivers haven’t had a vision test in the last two years

One in eight UK drivers admit not visiting the optician for five years or more

1.5 million UK drivers have never had their eyes tested

20 metres – The distance drivers must be able to read a number plate from


41% – Number of Brits who don’t realise diabetes is a major cause of blindness

95,000 – People with diabetic retinopathy sight loss

More than half a million diabetic people in England at risk of blindness due to not receiving their annual retinal screening


Smokers are four times more likely to lose their sight than someone who has never smoked

Just one in five people recognise that smoking can lead to blindness


Hot tea drinkers are 74% less likely to have glaucoma

Eating an orange every day reduces the risk of deteriorating eyesight by up to 60%


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